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115.com How to Download?


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All mods are not under 115.com downloads some are but not all. You have to have a account there and live in that region to be able to use the site. If I see a page and the mods are under a 115.com download I don't even waste time with it I just close the page and look for something better.

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I think I can help you, but I don't think so many resources can complete acquisition.Similarly, Chinese is also very difficult to the foreign site download things. So, I suggest you listen to the views of Members.

My english isn't good enough,too.

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That site is a real douche bag,first,it requires an account,which will provides a cloud,then,you need to put the file you want into your own cloud,after that, you need to download their explorer,and then finally you can start your download.

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