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Help! BSA files not working?!


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I've been using program BSAopt to pack the loose files in my mods but recently my newly created BSAs don't seem to work. I can make the BSAs fine and good, but when I test the mod in-game, none of the custom content are loaded from the BSA. Instead I get those giant red exclamation marks appearing in the objects' place.

It can be facegen files (can tell from gray-faces), mod assets, anything. Nothing works in my BSA.


I've already checked to make sure the contents are really in the BSA, that they're in the correct file paths. Also made sure the BSA is the same name as the ESP. I don't know what else is going wrong here. This has happened to my two latest mods I've tried to pack so far.


Anyone with experience on BSA packing knows about this? Might it be a problem with the BSAopt tool or something I missed out on?

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