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Skyrim body porting?


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Is there any?

I found armor porting tut, but got whole lot of rubbish with body parts yet it works for armor well.


Maybe I bit more than I can swallow here....


I'm actually graphic designer with passion for 3d modeling but not a programer.

Can somebody port me a nif perhaps?

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1. Download 3dsmax (free educational version from there learning portal) (I recommend 2014)

2. Download the niftools plugin (2014 version here:http://tesrenewal.com/forums/tools-and-coding/nif-importexport-plugin-for-3dsmax-2013)

3. For stuff with body's you'll need a skeleton file as well, you can grab a copy of it already pre-converted to Max from my post here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/34798-fixing-skeleton-deformations-crushedtorpedo-breasts-etc/

4. Import your nif with standard nif import settings (Disable the import skeleton feature though!)


Also just realized this is in Oblivion section... lol...

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