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Im new to this forum and need a little help :D


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As alwys, I just can recommend that you work your way through S.T.E.P. before doing anything else. It improves the stability and the graphical quality and works as a base for other mod setups.

After this, it depends on what you want. You ask here, so i think you'll take some mods for, uhm, wider range of fun :D Therefor, you'll need the following stuff as a base:



- XPMS ext.

- A body replacer, there are several ones, the biggest are CBBE, UNP and CHSBHC

- Then, you just have to install the SLF (SexLab Framework) and you can choose from the plugins of this page.


- Normally, if you have many custom followers installed, a Follower Framework is a good idea, I can recommend EFF v4, but there are also others, eg AFT and UFO

- Also, to increase immersion, i would recommend to install SEC, because it works brilliant and needs no additional patches to interfere with other mods.

- Then, there is ASLAL which is a good idea, if you already played Skyrim and you don't want the vanilla start over and over again. But you also can start it with the option "I got caught crossing the border illegaly".


- In the end, if you want more immersion or addition, I can advice you to skim GEMS it has a nicely ordered list of qualitative mods.


BUT!!! always doublecheck, that you've got all requirements, they are normally mentioned in the mod descriptions, else your game will CTD on the main menu!

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heres some mods that ive had no issues with while running with loverlab mods


heavy armory. it adds a ton of nice weapons to the game.


open citys is a nice mod that gives you a good backup from dragons as the citys lose their cell and becomes outdoor space. gives good backup from dragons


L.O.O.T. not acctually a mod but a mod sorter. secuel to B.O.S.S. it gives more detailed results and recognises allmost every mod. also tells you if they are adult mods with the tag "Dirty"


Enhanced Camera is an SKSE plugin that lets you see your body when in first person. great but sometimes clipps so you se inide yourself.


Frostfall makes you acctually need clothes becouse you frezze to death otherwise. it also adds tents, portable tanning racks, fireplaces, portable cooking stations andbackpacks... goes graet with imersive carry weight or whatever that mod is called.


If your Computer can take it get the Skyrim HD plugin. its in 4K, also doesnt change the apearence of the items, only adds more dateil.


Improved NPC Clothing. theres a dirty and a clean version


SkyUI is a must, you need this and it wont conflict with anything


also the bouncing breast mod is compatible... thoug i belive it is only avaialible to CHSBHC. someone rectify me?


just google the names, you dont need links

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I highly recommend this guide. It's still my home base; the reference I always come back to. I'm still relatively new to all this, but I'm already running 70 mods without problems. Do everything in this guide down to the letter, and you will be good to go.


Yeah, you'll see, this keeps going; I have atm around 170 mods, 50/50 graphic/game changing (maybe 70 graphic and 100 game changing) :D

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