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Moving actors between cells in GECK


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Is there a way to, say, move actors from en exterior cell to an interior cell using the GECK? I have a group of 8 dogs I don't want to delete and recreate who are currently in the wrong home.


I figure there isn't, but I thought I'd see if there is a trick I haven't learned yet.

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Try using TESSnip to cut/paste the references between CELLs. I have no idea what side effects this will have, but hopefully they will be in the right CELL, and you can fix the X/Y/Z coordinates in the GECK. Definitely back up plugin first, and check for errors after.



If scripting is okay, I would drag them in to a form list and add an xmarker where you want to move them;


array_var entry, Doggies

ref rDog


let Doggies := GetListForms MyDoggyFormList

foreach entry <- Doggies

    let rDog := *entry

    rDog.MoveTo MyXMarker



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