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Human junk in werewolf form

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every time my guy turns into a werewolf his junk remains, albeit deformed and the color of charcoal. when using erundils werewolf mod it sort of attaches to the werewolf balls. I have checked to see if there was an update for all the mods I have that are supposed to affect werewolves but there are non. here is what I am using

Moonlight Tales

Sexlab werewolves

werewolf perks expanded

heart of the beast audio pack

more nasty creatures

sexlab nude creatures

erundil werewolves standalone

erundil werewolves ssl

erundil werewolves sos

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I have figured out what was happening. SOS was not un equipping its default human shlong after transformation. this means I have to manually un equip it after transformation to get rid of the second dick then equip it again after reverting form.

if anyone knows a way to make this happen automatically I would appreciate them telling me as this has all but ruined being a werewolf for me.

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