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SexoutTryout Outfits BNB and Type 6M


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This is a conversion of sexout tryout Outfits to BNB and Type 6M well only one of them is type 6M Marissa outfit the others are BNB.

i Not own the outfits or the body i only convert the outfits to other type of body.


replaces the default folder you only need to throw the folder in Data and replace and enjoy.


SexoutTryout Outfits Pic



post-299367-0-45473700-1420599853_thumb.jpg post-299367-0-01007500-1420599864_thumb.jpg post-299367-0-39506400-1420599874_thumb.jpg post-299367-0-32921000-1420599886_thumb.jpg post-299367-0-89047600-1420599897_thumb.jpg post-299367-0-80728300-1420599917_thumb.jpg post-299367-0-62119300-1420599928_thumb.jpg post-299367-0-27366000-1420599939_thumb.jpg post-299367-0-96016300-1422085123_thumb.jpg post-299367-0-65961100-1422085142_thumb.jpg post-299367-0-55877400-1422280834_thumb.jpg post-299367-0-57078800-1422280845_thumb.jpg



Download Sexout Tryout Outfits


SexoutTryout Outfits.rar


Optional: This is a test mod i create to test the outfits in the game so i put here if you want to test the outfit your self but you need to replacer the default outfits with my. the foot locker  is beside the gate of NCRCF


Download Test Outfit mod


00SexoutTryout Outfits.rar


Edit: Vault19slave Outfit  now added with bra. The Picture is above. without bra is the default outfit and is in the download Sexout Tryout Outfits.


this is the Vault19slave outfit with bra. vault19slave bra.nif





thaumx Mkageyama


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