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I need to make a female character that looks beautiful and teen, race menu preset suggestions?


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You'll need an appropriate body texture say SG or Fair Skin instead of Mature skin.  In Racemenu or ECE you can shorten up your character's height, though I would suggest increasing their head size and weapon size to make up for the difference.  You may want to adjust their facial features to be a bit larger, but your mileage may vary.  If all of that works out for you, it doesn't really matter what race you use (except for beast races probably.)




I got this with a Nord in Racemenu.  I don't have any better environment scale examples, sorry.   Most of my screens are bandits taking arrows to the head.  I'll try to take a better picture shortly.






not a great example, but that was a vanilla Nord at .92 on the height scale I think.  Just remember to scale the head, hands, and feet upward as the body goes down, and if you dip below around .8 you'll be getting shorter than the NPC kids.  I also forgot I had bodychange active, hence the toned abs.  Also note that you are going to get crazy positioning effects like sinking into chairs and tables while crafting.  Head tracking might be adjustable but I notice my characters stare at people's necks up close.

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First of all you have to define what kind of "teen" because that is an age range from 10 to 19 years.


Bodytypes of Skyrim comes with teen versions of all non-beast races that simply look like 15-19 year old versions of the original: (official author images)





Unfortunately you can not get just the race mod without the bodychanger, so you'll get more than you bargain for. At least they don't look weird and creepy like all the other teen/kids mods, and it has an optional NPC overhaul that turns around 10-20 vanilla NPCs into teens where the in-game context suggests that.



If you want anything more pretty/cute looking than that, there's no way around making them yourself with Enhanced Character Edit / RaceMenu. At least all the other non-adult races i tested look worse compared to what you can do with vanilla races and ECE/RM.


Please note that the following characters are adult and 6-feet-tall vanilla Nord Females made with RaceMenu3 :




Now these are just one CME preset and two followers, imported as characters into RaceMenu.

They may look like "teens" to you or not. Might as well be college girls, unless you'd change the body proportions.


Everyone can do this or better with a bit of patience.

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