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Convenient Horses. A way to keep followers passive while riding on horse?


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I'm currently trying to use Convenient Horses along with followers who are passive and cowardly. However, it seems like when on horse back they want to fight but when on foot, they are cowardly. Is there a way to keep them cowardly on horse back or at least keep them from fighting while i'm on foot.



If you're wondering why i want this, I'm playing as a wandering warrior who is guarding a young prince. We're both on the run from an army that took over his kingdom. My character is sworn to protect him and show him the way of the warrior and such, but he's still too inexperienced and young to fight so they wander Skyrim doing stuff together. My character does quests and such while she gets stronger and gains allies with the idea of reclaiming the throne for her prince in the far away land. I basically just want try out a play through where I guard and play bodyguard to an NPC that can't defend themselves sort of like Resident Evil 4

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In Convenient Horse's MCM, under Followers, there is an option to turn off mounted combat. I've found that if you turn that off they will not fight unless they are set to aggressive in the CK (I'm assuming you made your Prince so he is set to passive), in which case they will jump off and go hand-to-hand. See if turning off mounted combat does the trick for him. 

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I'd Like to ask if anyone might know how to keep my Wolf Follower off My head every time I'm riding a horse, See I made this mod and I've tried everything I can find in the wiki to tell this follower to stay back but when I'm riding a horse after a few seconds the follower just jumps from know where and sandboxes on top of my head. If I sprint or stop they will drop off and act normal again, Other than this the mod is flawless. This is using Convient horses also, I thought I take a stab at leaving this here in hopes someone might have a solution. 

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