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Equipable undies

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i cant seem to find someone who has acctually noted this so i thought i might.


Note: sorry for any misspellings, missing apostrophes, forgot capital letters or anything. if anyone has some serious issues with it then dont read. also note that im not an native English speaker.


if you want wearable undies, theres an easy thing you can do if you good on modding


i did this with Roberts, couse there are no resonable undies for that, if you already have equipable underwear, you can leave this topic now, if you' cant find anything, read on


You'll need 2 "femaleupperbody.nif" and "femalelowerbody.nif" files. (these are the caracter meshes, the ones that work like the flesh itself, then textures color them, making them look real, everything solid in a game is meshes. thats why you need underwear with the same meshes, couse otherwise it wont use the right shapes E.G is you are using HGCE and grab undies for TGND, the underwear will swap the caracter model to TGND for as long as they are worn, if you get Undies for HGEC in this case it will just look like someone added a layer over the breasts and pussy). One nude and one with undies, (If you experienced in 3D moddeling, just grab a nude set and add whatever undies you want to it. though, you dont need to be here if you know 3D moddeling,


 Then you paste the nude ones in "Oblivion\Data\meshes\characters\_male".


 After that you can either make some sort of command or something (as i said i have never created mods.i don't know what you do) that adds the clothed nif files to your inventory as equipable, (or whatever location you want. i dont know how to do that so here's a workaround)


Find ANY mod that adds underwear to the game, It doesnt matter what body type or anything, we're only using the spawn location really. (workaround as said, its probably simple to make it, but i cant find anything, this takes more work i think, but someone else can answe that) if you want you can delete all the undies exept one set, they are in the meshes folder of that mod.


E.g: i used TGND_underwear so the files where in Oblivion\Data\Meshes\TGND\


Pick one of these files with the name you think fits how your undies look, (i used the ones that came with roberts so i used the ones named "White") [otional]


Rename the "femaleupperbody.nif" to the one you chose. (E.G i chose the one named "bra_White.nif". So i renamed the "femaleupperbody.nif" to "bra_white.nif)" make sure the name is spelled exactly as the name of the original file, otherwise this wont work. Repeat with the "femalelowerbody.nif" but use the one named panty insted.


Now you only have to launch the game and get the undies from whatever location the mod said to find the undergarments.


Note: i recommend grabing Nudeshy and only adding the "Nudeshy_Undergarments.esp", "Nudeshy_Undergarments1.ini" and "Nudeshy_Undergarments.ini" , it don't have anything with Nudeshy to do, but it makes undies able to be worn under Armor/Clothing. though if you want Nudeshy just install it following the readme file.


if soemone more experienced in modding could comment on mistakes i made, or wanna add something it would be aprichiated.


And sorry if i over-explained this. i found that reading some decriptions for mods and install descriptions was complicated and hard to understand. itcut short on detail and you had to improvise some stuff up. im trying to make this as noob friendly as possible.

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