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(REQ) Prison cell home


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Hello there! 


Would it be possible to create a little, dirty player home for those who play as slaves? Maybe just a little hidden prison cell somewhere in the middle of nowhere with minimal interior. It could be dark, wet and cold. Just a hidden cell, maybe in a cave with some dirty sleeping bags and a rotten chest to store some things. 


Happy New Year and best wishes to everyone! 

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Depends on how you play your game, but the Beastess Lairs, 3 caves in different places can be used for that.




Another one, bit special, is the Caged but Free mod on Nexus



I know these two but it would be cool if, for example, there would be a cell in the liar. I think a slave belongs in a dirty, rotten cell. I remember the marvellous cells they had in the old forts in Oblivion. That would be awesome. =) I'm not a modder, if I would know how, I'd do it but my pc skills are quite limited. It ends with programming statistics in R. =) 

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