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  1. Thank you! And by the way: How do I get partygirl points or take part in a party?
  2. Great mod! But I encountered an error: After being nice to father and being an obedient daughter for a while, he just wanders off to the Bannered Mare and sits there forver. He never returns home.
  3. Hey, I tried everything but I am always getting the FNIS error 9: index outside of array message when running FNIS. Can anyone please help? Many thanks in advance!
  4. I know that. I have started the mod many times but on a new playtrough I put it into cheat mode to skip a lot of things. Now Windhelm is enslaved but my submission is (0/20) and I can only give rebellious answers to Ivana. I don't want to be rebellious.
  5. Hello! Does anyone know if there is a console command to increase submission and love? Many thanks in advance!
  6. Hey, I need some help, too: Mansion in done, bard is done, I got us a dog and did several client jobs with it. Problem is, the story does not advance. In the MCM it says bear quest but i cannot ask Thaena for a new animal quest. Just entertain a client and have a party. Also, the party quest does not work as it does never start and also the Jala quest does not start after talking with Thaena about Jala.
  7. I have a problem: I am not getting collared and chained when enslaved. Any ideas?
  8. I have this problem that when talking to my follower and saying "hey I was wondering" there is no dialogue options for me. It is an endless loop of "Hey I was wondering". Any help?
  9. I can build some things at the crafting table but I do get CTDs if I try to build kennels for example. Any idea?
  10. Thank you! I just wanted to reply: "Never mind, needed to upgrade winrar" Have a nice day!
  11. Hi, I cannot open the .rar file AFS (full mod). It says the package might be damaged.
  12. My bad, bro. Didn't realise I was on the wrong forum. No complaints with this mod here. Sorry.
  13. The mod is very nice but the waiting time is ridiculous! I was raped by the horses, placed back in my cage and now I am waiting over a day in realtime without being able to speed this up and Michelle is still not back.
  14. I tried this, he still does not go to the statue.
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