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Looking to restart playing Skyrim, need new mods...


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I have not played Skyrim since Jan 2013!!  So of course all my mods are OLD! I am looking for information, can you guys help me out by suggesting some your favorite mods?  I would like a sexy body texture with a slider.  I like asses, big titties and large nipples.  I am assuming mods have come along way in the last 2 years.  Please let me know what you guys think. Here are the mods I was running before:



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Well, I'd probably start with a fresh install and switching over to using Mod Organizer instead of NMM. That alone will up the game's value to you when you can do a lot more with it, like multiple profiles and other cool features, and not having to spend time reinstalling a broken game ever again is priceless.


The very next thing you should do is get TESVEdit and clean all your game files. This will make life easier in the long run.


You will definitely want the newest version of SKSE, SkyUI and all the newest versions of the Unofficial Skyrim Patches. LOOT is also a very useful tool for sorting plugins, and it's now a part of Mod Organizer anyway. Plus whatever textures and mesh replacers you want to run as well as choosing an ENB if you want to run one. Then you'll want to get the newest version of RaceMenu (it's the most up to date character gen tool at this point) or you won't make very attractive characters anyway. There are tons of textures, hair packs, eye replacers, lips/mouth mods and so on so I couldn't possibly list them all, plus what is available will vary according to what body type you choose.

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Well, like always, for generally a better look of Skyrim (the environment) I would suggest you to work your way through STEP.

After this,  today there are several nice mods, CHSBC, CBBE and UNP(B ) (I hate that smilie) are the most common female bodies I think. Now, if you really want a custom body (huge boobs or sth), then you'll need Bodyslide, I don't know if this tool works with other bodies than CBBE, but I think so. Then I've installed (in this order) one, another and a third body texture mods (for monsters, women and no bronze shine). For me, this works fine, but tastes are different ;)

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I agree with gvman3670, also you need to check your old mods and make sure they was updated to work with the latest updates of skyrim since I believe skyrim had a couple of updates since you last played. Plus there is a ton of new mods out, pretty much anything you can think of someone has been done.


As far as mod suggestions it depends. There is a huge variety of body mods, CBBE or sevebase is likely what will fit what you want.


If you like Immersion mods you have stuff like Frostfall, Climates, wet and cold, Ineeds, etc


There is tons and tons of graphic mods.


You have mods that add bandits, warzones, new creatures, upping the level caps.


You have mods that change perks and or make the game harder like Perkus, Revenge of the Enemy etc


You have lots of new weapons and armor mods like cloaks, immersive armors and weapons etc


That doesn't even touch on the sexlab mods.


With so many mods out now it is really hard to suggest them with out knowing what someone is looking for.


Like for example I would never play with out Ineed(eat sleep drink mod) wet and cold, frostfall, cloaks, immersive HUD, and some other mods that add a sense of immersion to the game for me. While others fine such mods tiresome. Same when it comes to mod followers, I love Sofia to death as a great follower mod, others like other followers it is all a matter of personal taste.

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