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Restoring F-NV


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A pretty simple question here but I don't know what to do as the situation hasn't come up before.  I messed up my Fallout New Vegas game, it simply crashes when I try to load the game.  I get a Windows error and it dumps out to the desktop.


So I decided to simply reinstall the game as I wasn't very far along.  The question, what is the best method for reinstalling game.  Do I go to the "Common" folder and simply drag Fallout New Vegas to the trash?  Do I go into the mod manager (NMM) and dump out all the mods or at least uninstall them?


Thanks in advance for any tips.

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1 Use FOMM and not NMM for fallout NV NMM is junk and doesn't install something correctly and can cause problems 2 when you uninstall a game it is best to go to the fallout NV folder and wipe out everything that is in it then go to steam and uninstall it there then reinstall the game back. You delete the whole folder to make sure everything gets wiped out otherwise somethings may still remain as steam only removes what it installed itself.


You can find FOMM here on LL.

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Your welcome for the tips. There are many threads stating to use FOMM instead of NMM because of the way it handles things and has a higher chance of messing up a game it is one of the reasons I picked FOMM for fallout NV and never used NMM for it just like how it is better to use (OBMM) oblivion mod manager for oblivion instead of NMM.  

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