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Debuff won't go away

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Alright so I installed the Aradia Armour to complement cursed loot and all that. But what's happened is, the Debuff from being out and about in the sun won't go away. I used the cursed loot debug safeword to get out of it because I chickned out of all cons, but my health still won't regenerate and I was wondering if there was a console command I should try or whether I should uninstall the mod or what have you. Help will be pretty appreciated. 

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Go to your magic list and look under the buffs and see which one it is. Then hit the ~ button to bring up the console and type in help spell name if the name is in more then 1 word use only one word and use the page up button to move the list and look for that buff once you find it and type in player.removespell space spell ID and hit enter. Some spells have 2 one if the spell and the other is once the spell has been added to the player like facelight has 2 spells one is for adding the spell to the players magic list the other is when it is added to the player after the spell was used.

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