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Desperate for help with FollowerLivePackage


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I'm trying to get Follower Live Package to work properly. Mod Organizer has kept everything so amazingly stable that I've changed around positions for just about every single ESP and it still runs, but no matter what I try, I cannot get this to fully function. I can only get it to half-way function. I didn't know such a situation could even exist.


MCM sees it, and I'm able to activate it, manipulate its menus in MCM, and I am even able to go to a follower and recruit them with it. However, after I've recruited them (for instance, Kaley of Zt Followers), I only get the normal vanilla follower dialog options and three of the [FLP] dialog options (to dismiss them, to have them relax, or to have them wander skyrim). There is supposed to additionally be at least one more option ("lets talk about you...", from which point I should be able to access wardrobe management functions, combat functions, AI functions, and other functions). However, this is missing from my dialog, no matter what I try.


I've tried version 6.6 as it is, as well as 6.6 with the ReTranslation (installed manually, and merged to replace/update only the ESP, as intended). I've tried 6.8. I've tried all of these iterations alone, with My Home is Your Home, with Amazing Follower Tweaks, with both MHiYH and AFT. I've shuffled them up and down the right pane, up and down the load order, above and below each other, custom followers, random unrelated mods, PerMa/Bash/FNIS/DSR patches, you name it - pretty much anywhere I can think of. I've even rebuilt my bash patch every time. I've cleaned saves and created new ones and cleaned those. I've gone all the way back to my Helgen save, before I had any other mods installed but environmentals. I've spent two full days trying to get this to work. No matter where I put anything in either pane, MO still handles it like a champ, and the game runs - but I still am stuck missing (at least one) dialog option from FLP.


I've scoured the Description pages, the Post pages, the Forums, and google, to see if there's some step I'm missing in using the MCM menu itself to activate the feature. I've looked everywhere to see if there's some kind of patch I need to generate, or re-generate, as the case may be. I can't find any indication that there's anything I need to do other than install this - with or without MHiYH and/or AFT - and go.


I don't understand how a mod can partially work - I thought either it does, or it does not (or it does not, and, crashes the game).


If I could pay MicroCenter to make this work for me, I would. If I could pay you to help me, I would.


Anyway, I've asked (and had a protracted conversation with) the guy running the mod page for it, and he's tried to help but there's a bigtime language barrier. I figured I'd ask over here, as the population here as a whole seems a bit more tech-saavy than that other place, myself excluded.


If anyone can help me out - take a look at my mods/load order, tell me I'm missing a step in setting up the menu in MCM, tell me to repatch PerMa, or that I need SkyProc Patcher or SUM or whatever the hell - or just has any experience with this mod and/or my problem specifically, I would be hugely grateful. Hell, I'll paypal you a tip FFS.


I just really, really wanna include this mod in this playthrough. Everything works but this. Everything. I'd chalk it up to a wonky mod, but the thing has 60k+ downloads and 1300+ endorsements. Its clearly an issue on my end.


Thanks for reading my short novel, and thanks for any help.

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I've never used that mod. It was last updated a month and a half ago so the modder is probably still around and active.


Couldn't you try another follower control mod? There are a few to choose from.


I actually had a prolonged conversation with JohnNav or whatever his name is - the guy managing the page. I think he took over from OldC, the original writer. I'm actually kind of confused by the whole setup, but he's the active guy in the posts section.


What I want from FLP is the ability to control a range of outfits for my followers (which are determined and enabled by the mod settings - not having to enter dialogue every time I want them to switch from say battle gear, to town gear, to my house gear), and perhaps more importantly, the ability to schedule them and give them tasks - with FLP, you're able to, for instance, send them off for several hours to collect ore or alchemy ingredients or hunt or whatever, create items, go to towns to vendor items/shop for items, and have them come and go at scheduled times. I can get bits and pieces of some of these options from other follower control mods, but I haven't seen anything that gives (automated outfit changes/automated work schedules/automated traveling).


I'm racking my brain trying to understand how this mod could be nearly-fully functional, with the exception of one missing dialogue option. It makes me think there's something I'm missing in the MCM settings, but, according to everyone who uses it successfully, that's not the case. I'm completely stumped. I'm trying to figure out how to troubleshoot this, but I don't even know where to look/what to look at/what to look for, to see why there's this apparent issue with the missing dialogue option.

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Have you gone into the MCM menu and changed the recruit option to Recruit through conversation.  Or something like that.


After that, when you recruit someone, use the Recruit with FLP at the bottom of the dialogue list, not the follow me vanilla command.


Hope that helps.



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"Anyway, I've asked (and had a protracted conversation with) the guy running the mod page for it..."


Let me take a moment to clarify some things. I've been silent on this matter until now--out of respect for Oldcyder--but I see that mis-information spreading and feel the need to make some corrections.


First, JohnNav is not running the FLP mod page at Nexus--Oldcyder is still running it and always has. Bojanni, the author of the RE-TRANSLATION of FLP is ONLY the author of the re-translation for ONE version of FLP (6.6), regardless of what HIS page says. It has become obvious to me that some are trying to mislead people in this regard, perhaps taking advantage of the fact that Oldcyder is Japanese and does not understand all that is being said. I am not happy with this, AT ALL.


Second, while JohnNav has been very helpful, and takes a lot of time to answer questions, that is ALL he is doing. He is not part of the mod's development, nor is he in any way responsible for FLP, it's Nexus page or any other aspect of the mod. Same can be said of Bojanni--he is responsible for the RE-Translation for version 6.6 of FLP, and that is it. Oldcyder released his mod, and Bojanni made a translation that he chose to release as a stand-alone mod. The two mods are completely separate--Oldcyder has nothing to do with the Re-translation, and Bojanni has nothing to do with FollowerLivePackage.


Oldcyder is actively working on updating FLP. I know this because I have been in contact with him regarding this matter, and have made arrangements to do a complete Japanese-to-English translation of the entire mod--for him. This translation will  be included in the mod itself, NOT as a stand-alone mod released later. All MCM tooltips will be in English, and some of the machine-language translations already included in the mod will be cleaned up for syntax and ease-of-use. As a matter of necessity, the translation will add time to the process of releasing the newest version--it may take some time, but the benefits for English-speakers will be immense. You will actually understand every single MCM function simply by hovering your mouse over the function (a tool-tip in English will be displayed at the bottom of the menu). While I do not speak Japanese, I have several advantages at my disposal to do this translation, including family members that DO understand written Japanese and a long-time Japanese friend that I have been corresponding with for over 20 years. I will also be examing scripts and code to verify the translation correctly explains the many functions of FLP.


Oldcyder will be releasing the English-Version of FLP, NOT me. Repeat, NOT me!


I cannot answer questions of how FLP will interact with other mods that alter follower behavior, as I quite simply stopped using other mods. I was using EFF along-side FLP, but stopped as I discovered most of the functions of EFF were redundant. FLP already did most of what EFF does, and using the two mods together only complicated the matter.


JohnNav has been recommending that people stick with version 6.6 of FLP in order to use the Re-Translation. The problem with this is that the changes that come with version 6.9 of FLP are many--sticking with 6.6 prevents the user from learning how to use FLP to it's fullest capabilities, and in fact confuses the matter as FLP version 6.9 has been released to make FLP more compatible with other mods.


So, here is my advice. (edited 7:45 PST)


Use FollowerLivePackage version 6.9.

Learn how to use it (as best you can--I know, the language barrier makes this difficult).

Wait for version 7.0 and switch to that when it comes out.

At some point, my translation of 7.0 will be uploaded to FLP page (possibly as 7.1, which would include any bug-fixes to 7.0 by Oldcyder).




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I've since discovered that I was being misled about several subjects, primarily the level of involvement of Bojanni and JohnNav.


As such, I am washing my hands of the entire project--I will not work with dishonest people. I ask a question, I expect an honest answer, and I was not getting that.


Sorry to mislead you folks, but I myself was misled by multiple parties.




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So, here is my advice. (edited 7:45 PST)
Use FollowerLivePackage version 6.9.
Learn how to use it (as best you can--I know, the language barrier makes this difficult).
Wait for version 7.0 and switch to that when it comes out.
At some point, my translation of 7.0 will be uploaded to FLP page (possibly as 7.1, which would include any bug-fixes to 7.0 by Oldcyder).

BUG, where are the 'bug Fixs" you promised . Or was your wanted task overreaching



SpeackledSnake, I am sure if you IM JohnNav or OldC, you will get all the help you need.

If you leave the FLP Follower on Rest near the resource site, they will Mine, chop wood etc.

FLP does not have a specific Schedule for this. Most use MHiYH (Work Here at "" ) for this


All LL MODs work with FLP, and more so then any other Follower Management MOD :)

This is due to FLP's Followers Quest Protocols.


Although is this a posted FLP Issue with LL or that you do not understand FLP enough yet

If LL issue,  look to MOD Organizer, that requires you to copy MODs into a active Folder and

then again have options that effect those MODs adversely.



Regarding JohnNav, how does that poster know what He does. JohNav has been helping with Questions since

FLP early release over a few years. JohnNav is Sysop on FLP site and

as with any other Nexus Member he only recommends changes and additions.


Regarding recommending v6.6 (17,Nov.2014), this was only to Players at that time that wanted to use ReTranslate and

ReTranslate was only available for FLP v6.6 :)


Not: v6.7, v6.8, v6.9 only at v7.0 (17, Jan.2015) could one use ReTraslate MOD with an updated FLP v7.0

Also to add, Bojanni has done an outstanding Job with (his) FLP ReTranslate MOD that is used by Thousands :)


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