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FONV run out of memory?

Doctor Rabbit

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Hello and sorry for my english, it's not perfect, so i realy sorry about that.

I have an issue whis my Fallout NV. It's looks like game just run out of memory, but then FONV runs out of memory, it's simply crush the game. So, then i load my save, evrey think is fine. But then i go somewere else, like from Freeside to Strip, my game gone crazy. All NPC turns in to missing model sigts, some of them missing texutres on the faces, some texutres around me start to gliching (they are not missing textures, they just change they texures on wrong one, and keep changing them). Plus to all of this, my game stop responsing to esc button, and all my inventory textures are gone (but then i load the game, i can see them, when bug starts, they just disappear.

Strange thing is, that if i add like 1 or 2 mods, this bug will appears instantly. If i remove 1 or 2 mods, it will appears later, or never.
For example, to instal Sexout Spunk, i delete AWOP and HD retexture for all FONV. But i can just disable 1 or 2 mods that just add some perks or smal scripts and my game will be fine. So i think it's not memory, it's something else. I have 140 mods activated right now, but as i remember, mods limit is 255 activated mods, so problem not in amount of mods.

Help me, plese, i realy not done with installing mods. :)

This forum don't allow me to post my load order, it think that it's links, so, sorry.

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FNV only has 4gb of memory. I ran into the same problem with too many texture mods. if you get past  the memory limit, then this happens.

But i don't have them much, mostly gamplay mods. And uninstalling of texture mods don't help me much, so i realy hope that you are not right.) May be you right, but hope never die. :)

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