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Weird Crotch Glitch, Need Help


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Looks like you mistook CHSBHC and CBBE textures. They are related - unlike CBBE and UNP (nipple & areola placed differently e.g.).


Easiest way to learn more about the differences between the bodies would be trying the Bodyslide mod (included in the CBBE package). You can alter the body to your liking; if sliders are mssing, search on LL. There are a lot of good modders and tweakers around here; for example guk created a preset (you can find it by manouvering over his profil.


By the way, thanks for the JBAW work, guk. Very nice piece of modding.

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Well there are 3 different versions of the Manga Body, one is ADEC and the other two CBBE v3. Make sure you follow the install instructions, so for the ADEC version you need the ADEC body + textures installed first. Same for CBBE version with respective textures.




By the way, thanks for the JBAW work, guk. Very nice piece of modding.


Much appreciated Sir :)

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