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Outfit Studio PSB conversion question (total newbie)


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Hi guys, as the title suggests I am completely new to the mesh converting and I am having bit of troubles.

If you look at the attached jpg, you can see the BaseShape from PSB is not well aligned with the actual outfit.



This nif comes with its own BaseShape that aligns with the outfit mesh. But according to this tutorial (lovely tutorial by the way) I need to delete the BaseShape that comes with the nif and only work with the PSB BaseShape


However I have yet to find the functionality within OS that allows me to move the meshes entirely rather than modifying the meshes.



Another outfit I am trying to convert shows same problem



However the Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide HDT (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25259/?) does not show the problems seen above. Am I missing something here? or do I have to manually move the vertices in PSB BaseShape to fit the outfit or the vice versa? 


Thanks in advances guys.

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you have to manually fix stuff in 3ds before

or you can right click mesh part and do offset, or scale

But if you use the brush too much it might not look that great,

some times it is because the mesh is in niskin and bodyslide only takes bsdismember

sometimes the simple fact of how to body is weighted


I personally horribly hate 3ds but i will not use blender for skyrim

so i do the big chunk in 3ds and buch the weight just to be able to export then finish with brush and reweight in bodyslide


Very long but should be all you need

i tried to make one faster xD but if i mod without music i go into a rage mode



You can be Veeeeery lucky sometimes though

and bodyslide will almost auto convert it with some minor adjustements, but that's very rare

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i actually prefer blender

I miss lattices so much O_o does a way better job then soft selection in 3ds

and blender does a way better job at weighting

and is clean to use so i could easily manually paint everything


But Problem is everytime you import a skyrim mesh into blender

You have to delete pretty much everything

and change properties of every single mesh parts

then export and put it all back again.. on every single piece O_O

So if you got a tiny bit of clipping O_o Go threw whole process again xD

You would most likely finish the job in Bodyslide the same way i do in the video though.


But in General if i would convert to anything else then cbbe not using bodyslide then

To fix clipping i would have to reuse blender and delete and adjust every mesh parts every single times.

and fixing clipping can take sometimes 20+ tries

Or i haven't tried it yet but pretty sure i could make a 7b body into a baseshape to use has a template to weight

But i doubt it would be bodyslide compatible per say,


so in a way it's up to you

Works with either of them but blender will have you work in nifskope for hours

but then 3ds will make you work in bodyslide for hours

Both of them works just way more work with blender, but i could do way better work with it


But i Don't really know i use Blender for New vegas and 3ds for Skyrim it just felt like the best way back then

And when i find something that works i tend to not bother with the rest and keep doing it =3

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