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Just Reinstalled oblivion..


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I just reinstalled oblivion (actually I bought it on steam as I lost my hard copy) and I can remember all of the best overhauls like F:Com etc. but since I have a better computer than I did when I played oblivion last, I wanted to crank the eyecandy up. What are the best visual mods for Oblivion? I know about Qarls and ENBs, so what other things to increase the visual aesthetics? 

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-Improved waterfront ships

-Real lava

-Real wood signs

-Unique Signs

-Cava Obscura = Improved Cave normal maps (install after cava)

-Improved tools and clutter

-Alluring potion bottles

-unique enticing books

-better unique items

-kafeis better amulet / ring replacers

-improved fruits vegetables and meat

-glittering prizes

-improved candles

-little baron flower pot makeover 

-foaming falls

-tibs compact quivers

-arrow replacement pack


it's amazing how the little things make a difference. :)


also Metallicow Cursor Mod     I like using mehrunes dagger as my curser, but there's a whole list, set up with a bain wizard.

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Two recommendations for in my opinion essential mods to install:


'Detailed Terrain' for smoother transitions between exterior ground textures. Install with BAIN for easy removal in case you don't like the effect.


And a favourite of mine - the more sophisticated SpeedTree models from here. Makes all shrubs and trees have more branches and foliage.

I just didn't install the daphne shrubs because their models don't go well with the textures I'm using for them. The mod's readme isn't too clear about where to put the files: The folder 'Trees' from the archive must be placed into the 'Data' folder, NOT into 'Data\Meshes' as the most recent post in the mod's comment section erroneously states.


If you stumble upon any tree models in the game world you don't like (see my example with the daphne shrubs), simply delete their .spt file(s) from that folder. The game will then go back to using the vanilla tree model from the meshes BSA.

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