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Hey everyone,

So I am new to modding Skyrim and I have recently installed Schlongs of Skyrim, SexLab Framework, SexLab Matchmaking, and SexLab Submit. However, I installed all the SexLab mods first, and they worked perfectly, but when I installed SoS, all animations seem to not work. If I target an NPC with the Irresponsibility spell, nothing happens. When I also go to talk to a person and try to romance them, they will consent to the certain act but they just stand there. Once I uninstall SoS, all the animations from SexLab mods works again. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this. 

I read somewhere that I need to install SoS first so this is my order of install:


SexLab Framework

SexLab Matchmaking

SexLab Submit


Also I have ran LOOT.



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Your skeleton should always be the last thing you install, so nothing (and I mean nothing) overwrites it. When it asks to overwrite, say yes to everything.


Install Schlongs of Skyrim, then SexLab (SexLab overwrites files from SoS and that's fine), THEN install XPMSE. Then run FNIS.


You can remove SKSE and install the newest version without any issues. It won't mess up or overwrite any of your mods.

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Ok what I did is uninstalled XPMS (which was already installed) and reinstalled it so that it would be after SoS and SexLab mods. Once I loaded in game, it told me that SKSE version was mismatched (version detected 46 version expected 47). This hadnt happened before.



The message is this

RaceMenu Error(s): SKSE script version mismatch detected (46) expected (47). Please reinstall your SKSE scripts to match your version. Error Codes. (1)

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