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Here is a guide to transplant a racemenu face. (Note Chargen Extension is built into Racemenu now, don't let the name scare you)



Currently, I am having an issue with the Racemenu 3Beta where it isn't exporting all the face data, so it isn't working. But this was working when I used the normal version. Note I just realized a new version of the best is out from what I was using...

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Thanks for the link. I made a NPC with creation kit but have trouble by creating a Nif and dds file for the NPC.



I press ctrl+f4 and it says "Done." but for some reason I don't get any new files in my skyrim directory. I also tried other random NPCs..


Is it a conflict with mod organizer beucase I don't have any meshes/textures folders in my standard skyrim directory?

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Generally when I export a face from CK (only run it through Mod Organizer, not on its own!) .dds files will go into: Skyrim >> Mod Organizer >> Overwrite >> Textures >> Actors >> Character >> FaceGenData >> FaceTint >> Skyrim.esm. .nif files will also go into the Overwrite folder (Skyrim >> Mod Organizer >> Overwrite >> meshes >> actors >> character >> FaceGenData >> FaceGeom) UNLESS you're using a mod which alters the way NPCs / characters look, e.g. Ethereal Elven Overhaul. When you're using some kind of overhaul mod MO will place meshes inside the folder of the associating mod. So, using EEO as an example, if you're exporting an elf face it'll place the .nif into the EEO FaceGeom directory. The same goes for any kind of alternate race or follower mod, the Ningheim for example.


So, without knowing what mods you're using it's really difficult for us to pinpoint where your CK is exporting your information to. The simplest way to figure out where they're going is to take a look inside your Skyrim folder and sort your files by date. Provided you haven't made a ton of changes today, you'll be able to figure out which directory your meshes are going into just by looking at the most recently updated folder.



EDIT: You may also want to try looking in the SKSE folder inside Overwrite (Skyrim >> Mod Organizer >> Overwrite >> skse >> plugins >> CharGen) I believe sometimes exports are sent there, though that may just be faces saved through RaceMenu.

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I didn't use Creation Kit with MO before but now I did and still no folders after exporting face gen data. I also don't use any mods in the creation kit to create my NPC, i selected the skyrim.esm, created it and saved the follower esp


Why do I get no folders >_>


Would it work if I just download other follower mods and use the face preset on them? But then I would need one vanilla follower mod I suppose without body mods etc.?

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