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Undeletable Texture Layer


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Helloo =o

So now this is the second armor in a row that this happens..

For the Black widow the texture was completely transparent but ya..texture somehow still works..

but i lost all the texture features when i added color over it.


All i know is when i was doing stages for my Greenscreen's

I tried to make a completely blank Png by erasing everything on a picture which did the exact same thing

Png is invisiible, i see nothing on it in gimp

But anywhere else it's still there


Now this armor is pretty much the same

There is actual textures though, but there is a small bit of transparency which i really need to remove

Because i cannot recolor it Because it makes all my colors looks horrible Because that invisible part is actually Brown Texture

which i cannot see


so ya invisible



but ya the texture is somehow still there



and if i dare put even 1% opacity over it then the wing scale texture disappears

and the texture Opacity is actually 100% on that Invisible Layer part

But ya what's already purple is all good

It really is those invisible hidden layer's that i cannot delete, draw over, see or ya do anything about it..


is there a way to get that Hidden picture to pop back out so i can color it or to atleast erase it for real..

Because it is actually is making the wings squary even with the default texture,

That part is supposed to be invisible Grr =o


So ya.. If anyone understood any of that =3

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