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My Vagina is Showing!!!

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Hey All,


I am running into a problem with my SexLab Animations and I was wondering if anyone has come across this or if there is something I am doing wrong. I am using the most recent update of the XP32 Max Skeleton and I am using Minou's Body Mod. All of the animations are working properly except my vagina's are showing!!!










Thank you for your consideration


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That might not be a sexlab issue that might be a issue with your body/texture. Make sure that body is using it's textures and not a custom one. If it is like the one that I am using the crotch is made to look closer like the real thing and the texture has a butthole texture and the crotch area of the texture file has been modified. I had a stretchy thing there till I switched out the textures that I was using for the textures that came with the body.

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