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Basic help for modding Skyrim with MO


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First of all, I have to say sorry for this post. I'm sure that half of the things I'm going to ask here are already been discussed and the other half may be absolutely silly, but I spent hours in reading old discussions (some with 100+ posts), for the only purpose to avoid to open this thread, and I failed.

After reading lots of guides, I'm now tired and possibly even more confused.


So I will ask a step by step help, hoping to find some kind heart willing to help. 


First, I have to install the SKSE. There is a pinned guide, who should be idiot proof, still I'm in trouble. I followed these steps:

Download of SKSE. 

Unzip and put all the files (except the data folder) into the Skyrim folder.

On MO, click the "install mod from an archive" bottom, select the SKSE archived file.

To fix the warning, expand the folder, right click "Data" and "Set Data directory", now everything looks good.

Skipping the priority order, the last step is to run skyrim via SKSE, but there is no that option, I still only have Edit, Skyrim and Skyrim Launcher.

What I'm missing?


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Above the right pane is a dropdown list where you can find executables. Click it and select <edit...>. A new window will open and in this window (MO modify executables) you point MO to the SKSE launcher in your Skyrim root folder (add it to the "binary" part). Give it a title (SKSE) then save it. After this you'll find the SKSE launcher in that dropdown window and you'll basically always launch the game this way from now on.


In the future, if you have MO issues go to this thread... http://www.loverslab.com/topic/20492-mod-organizer/...and you'll either find your answer or you can post the question there and get an answer really quickly (most times).


Good luck. Hope you enjoy using MO as much as I do. It's THE best tool out there for modding your Skyrim.

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Thank you very much I saw that thread (well, not all the posts).

Sadly I met another problem even BEFORE installing SKSE. I just downloaded and installed all the unofficial patches (ofc I have all the DLCs), put them in the right order (according to what is said in the download page of the patches) and MO doesn't see any compatibility issues.

The game just won't start.


I really, really don't know what is gone wrong, and at this point I'm even afraid to ask; I will go back to NMM and see if I can at least make the patches go.

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Avoid NMM like it's the plague! :lol:


All relevant unofficial patches are installed in the left pane. Correct? All are checked, too. Correct?


Now have you run LOOT (also as an executable) inside of MO to put them in the proper order? If they aren't in the right order your game won't start.


The right pane is the load order pane like you're used to with NMM. The left pane, however, is (more or less) equivalent to the order you install mods with NMM or manually. Maybe this little tidbit will help you get your head around it.

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Unzip and put all the files (except the data folder) into the Skyrim folder.


WRONG!! You unzip all including the data folder into Skyrim. Everything goes there. SKSE does not need to be installed as a mod in MO. So under the data folder you should have the "scripts" directory.


The first image below shows you where the LOOT button is. It is the Sort button.


Nothing in your MO list should be grayed out if you only installed the patches. The directory structure for each mod should not be under "data".


First you need Official Updates before Unofficial. Make sure you have them all the official; before the Unofficial. The second image is how your listing should start.



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My loader order is just right the one you posted (without the high textures, which I don't use).

About the SKSE I tried reinstalling it using this guide (http://wiki.step-project.com/Skyrim_Script_Extender).

There is even a video.

Everythings looks good, except that everything goes bad: if I try to install SkyUI, i get a warning about SKSE not being installed. 

If I ignore the warning, install SkyUI and launch the game i get a crash.


With NNM everything works fine. Hell, I didn't even needed to organize the plugins. 


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