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***the Gym*** by sportd


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Hi there,

I'd like to add 'the Gym' to the weight of games listed here. (the-vdates dot com) . I can't post links so that will have to do.

'the Gym' is halfway between a graphic novel and pick a path story, The main character joins a gym and meets some lovely ladies. Play your cards right and let the fun begin.

There is a walkthrough for those that get frustrated (or just want to get to the good bits quickly)

Happy playing.



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I really tried to like it but the graphics used look like they are from 2005... The animation loops are really short and just not that sexy. Did I mention all the females look pretty much the same?


I like the choose your own adventure vibe I get from it, but I seem to often break the script and ability to pick any actions.


Just not enough there to hold my attention.


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