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How do I know if I'm Naked?


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Other than the cool draughty feeling :)


I'm missing something dumb here, I used to have this working somehow, so now I'm throwing it out for anyone else that has an idea how to detect "nothing" is being worn in the UpperBody Slot 2.


	Set rZActor to SexoutFBodySwap.rZActor
Set iNewBellySize to SexoutFVAR.iCurrBellySize
Set iNewBreastSize to SexoutFVAR.iCurrBreastSize
Set rNewUpperBody to rZPlayer.GetEquippedObject 2
Set rSwapUpperBody to 0

	if rZActor.GetEquipped SexoutSLOutfitNaked || rNewUpperBody == 0
		if iNewBreastSize == 3
			Set rSwapUpperBody to SexoutNude
		elseif iNewBreastSize == 4
			Set rSwapUpperBody to SexoutSNudeT3P0B4
	if rZActor.GetEquipped SexoutSLOutfitUnderwear
		if iNewBreastSize == 3
			Set rSwapUpperBody to Underwear
		elseif iNewBreastSize == 4
			Set rSwapUpperBody to SexoutSUnderwearP0B4

if rSwapUpperBody != 0
	rZActor.RemoveItem rNewUpperBody 1 1
	rZActor.AddItem rSwapUpperBody 1 1
	rZActor.EquipItem rSwapUpperBody 0 1


That's an abreviated version of the code, trouble is when it gets the as the outfit worn it fails to set the Nude Body, it should catch it at the "rNewUpperBody == 0", apparently 0 isn't the same as whatever is.

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0 and are the same thing. First thing is to just see if parenthesis fix it; you should always use them heavily anyway..


if ((rZActor.GetEquipped SexoutSLOutfitNaked) || (rNewUpperBody == 0))


If that change alone doesn't fix it, are you certain that GetEquipped will take a formlist as an argument?


Try using the formlist directly instead.


if (((ListGetFormIndex SexoutSLOutfitNaked rNewUpperBody) >= 0) || (rNewUpperBody == 0))


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