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start up ctd


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seems i messed something up while installing some plugins. whenever i try to launch the game it loads the first screen then it crashes. ruled out a conflict due to it still doing it with only core, sexout, and the common resources checked and seeing as that everything was working before i started getting the plugins today guessing i messed up somewhere any ideas? do i need the dlcs or something of the like that i missed? i can post my load order if needed

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Wampa, two things:


1. Try starting with just the falloutNV.exe and see if you crash. If it works then you do have a conflict somewhere and will need to add mods back one at a time to see which it is.


2. If the original exe won't even start then go to documents\my games\fallout new vegas and change the name of fallout.ini to fallout.ini-disabled and then run the original game exe again. This will make the game auto generate a new ini file. One you hit the menu screen just exit and now try running the game as you normally would either with the nvse loader or FOMM.

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thank you for the quick reply tried starting it normally and it worked gonna try a few other things i just thought of and the ini change and see what happens.

Edit: nevermind got it to work downloaded the other scr and it works fine now stupid small problems like this always seem to get me

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