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Help mixing armor please


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I'm asking for a little help please, I'm trying to merge armors parts.

I would like to use Charming High Heels (can't post links, just google it) but the additionnal components use slots that are commonly used by other mods (mashups, dd, ...). So i tried to merge the 3 parts in one item using feet slot without any succes so far.


I'm trying to merge "counter 3", "UNP platform 2" and "vamp 5".


I havn't found any good tutorial explaining how to do this but I believe there are many, so if someone could link me one of them it would be great!!

Of course if it's simple and you don't mind doing it it would be really awesome!!


thanks in advance!



Seems like I'm not allowed to post screenshots sorry

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You can use Outfit Studio to merge the meshes into one NIF file.


"File -> Load Outfit" -> Select the 1st NIF of the mod.

"File -> Load Outfit" with "Keep Shapes" checked -> Select the 2nd NIF.

"File -> Load Outfit" with "Keep Shapes" checked -> Select the 3rd NIF.
Make sure everything's correct and "File -> Export NIF". Then adjust the plugin to have correct slots, naming, etc, using the CK or TES5Edit.
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