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Adding/fixing weight support to armors

Killing Joke

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Some of the custom I use in my game for sevenbase only work with either min or max weights, everything in between meshes go all over the place, so I'd like to know what's the issue and how to fix it? Never did 3d modelling or anything like that before.


You could use Outfit Studio for it. Follow the tutorials on the mod page.


"File -> Load Reference" -> Select the "BodySlide\ConversionSets\7BConvert.xml" file and choose the reference you need, e.g. Bombshell High -> Low or the other way around, depending on what kind of working NIF you have available.


"File -> Load Outfit" -> Select the working NIF you have available.

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I have both NIFs for all of them (0 and 1) so if I follow your example of Bombshell High -> Low, I shall work with 1, right?


Yup. You will have to conform the slider, fix clipping with brushes, export and put in a 7B body shape again that hasn't been affected by sliders yet (the _0 one).


You can do the latter by loading your exported NIF back into a new instance of Outfit Studio again, then using "File -> Load Outfit" with the "keep shapes" option checked and selecting the official 7B body NIF there.


This is just to make sure there won't be neck seams or similar because of the slider influence of the old body that was in the NIF.


You also have to make sure the NiTriShape order and their names are the same in both final _0 and _1 NIFs. You can check this with NifSkope.

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You also have to make sure the NiTriShape order and their names are the same in both final _0 and _1 NIFs. You can check this with NifSkope.

Indeed, thanks for telling me (and for your help so far!), I installed nifskope, checked 0 and 1 NIFs from one armor and I got this result





It seems 1 NiTriShape and 8 NiTriShape are swapped and names don't match.

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This can be fixed!  Click on the NiTriShape of AA04_outfit in your stockings_0.nif.  CTRL + C for copy.  Click on the 0 scene root at the very top of the hierarchy, and CTRL+ V.  This should have copied AA04 and should be sitting at the bottom of all those ninodes.  Click on the original NiTriShape for AA04_outfit, CTRL + Delete and it should go away.  Save your mesh with a new name in case I led you astray and screwed something up.  After you save the hierarchy should adjust itself with all of the nitrishapes at the top.  olololol should now be 1 instead of 8, and AA04 should now be 8 instead of 1.  Next!  Change the name of olololol by the NiTriShape for it, look down in the block details window at the NAME and right clicking on that line, select Edit String Index, and in the window that pops up type the name that corresponds to the stockings_1.nif name for that object ('Materiel.001_outfit' it looks like?).  Should be fixed with the same hierarchy and names in both meshes.


There might be a way of just editing the number of where it is in the hierarchy, but I didn't figure it out with 20 seconds of playing so I gave up (I'm a lazy bastard).

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