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Skyrim just decided it's ok to drop the framerate in towns


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Hello there Loverslab community!

Let's see, I've been playing Skyrim for like 400 hours now and it's been always running smoothly on Ultra, 1080p, and I haven't ever had any FPS issue, but today I loaded my game and got into a town, and the FPS just went down to 10-15 (usually it's 50-60) for no reason at all. My game is highly modded, but I haven't changed any mod for a long time (months) so I don't really think that mods are the problem here. I have tried starting a new game, and it still lags in towns, I have tried lowering all my settings and the lag still goes on. The weird thing is that when I'm talking to someone into a town the game goes back to high FPS, but when the conversation ends and I can move again the game goes back to 10-15 FPS. At this point I really have no idea what to do and trust me I'm really desperate. Anyone here could help me? Thanks in advance.

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Do you have any ENB mods installed? I had a similar problem, and figured out that the problem came from the enblocal.ini. Somewhere in there you have to set your memory, cuz by default it probably uses way less than you actually have as a limit. This caused the lightingmods to pretty much kill my game from time to time.

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