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Adding HDT high heel effect to vampire lord form.


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The topic says what I'm trying - and failing - to do. I'm using Shaydow's VampireLord Overhaul V2, which fixes all aspects of the originaly ugly vampire form, but one thing is missing: real high heels. I've tried the following:


- Adding the hdtHighHeelShoes script to the DLC1SkinNakedVampireLord armor (This is the 'skin' specified in the DLC1VampireBeastRace)

- Adding the hdtHHENCHcustom1 enchantment to the DLC1SkinNakedVampireLord armor.

- Adding the hdtHighHeelKey to the DLC1SkinNakedVampireLord armor.

- Adding the HighheelEventTrigger to DLC1nVampireLordEnhancements in the DLC1VampireBeastRace race.

- Adding a standalone spell to the DLC1VampireBestRace race that points to the HighheelEventTrigger (pretty similar to the previous try)


- all of the above at the same time.


I am getting some 'removed invalid spells' message:




This probably means that the effect is applied at some point, but considered invalid by the high heels system and thus removed. I have limited expierence with scripting, but I've tried looking at the high heel scripts and I think it's checking for equipment... this means that I either have to edit the scripts to have it work with a race that can't wear equipment, or get the vampire lord to equip something. Both solutions are a bit above of what I'd dare try without risking to break my game.


I'm a bit lost.


NSFW screenshot motivation:






Help the Vampire Lady with her favourite shoes, pretty please?

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