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Pubic Stubble for Texture Blender (CBBE 3)


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Simple dds of pubic hair stubble for CBBE curvy.  I'm not sure if it fits to any other body mod or cbbe slim.


This is mostly Zonzai's texture (Real Girls Realistic Body), I just removed the actual skin texture around it and changed the hair itself a little.  


This file is meant as an overlay for CBBE curvy to be used in Texture Blender so do not use this as your actual skin!


I have never made a texture before so sorry if its bad or if I made stupid mistakes; I'm only uploading this because I haven't found something similar so maybe someone else will use it too.  If there is another texture blender asset for pubic stubble please post a link I'd appreciate it!



Caliente for amazing CBBE mod

Zonzai for awesome stubble texture  (Real Girls Realistic Body Texture)

drunkenmojo for editing the texture for CBBE



Edit: Added Screenshot

Pubic Stubble for CBBE 3.rar


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