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Purple textures... Partially (inquire within)


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I recently sorted out a change from CBBE body styles, textures, and non-BBP (TBBP) skeletons.

I am satisfied with the results (for the most part).

Now, I run SeveNBase Bombshell, BBP (TBBP), and Barbarian skin... And, WOW, just ... WOW!

Here's my dilemma, The armor conversions for Vanilla, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn, as well as some others, show up with textureless PURPLE "panties"... 'nether-wear', 'dainties', 'the ol' unmentionables'...  I've browsed around looking for solutions and cannot find anything workable.


I am NOT a software-guy so naming things or providing less than VERY detailed instructions, makes my brain-cells go all Orville-Reddenbocker.


Anyone know if I missing a texture file?  or something?  I downloaded from LL and followed the instructions to the tee.  I 'measure twice, cut once'; but, still...


Thank you in advance.

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A bump...


A little help please?  :)


Also... The DD and HDT Piercings do not seat correctly on a SeveNBase Bombshell body-type.  Nipple Piercings are forward and low (not on the breast at all), the nethers are also in the wrong spots.  I've searched by tag and by title, I can find no conversions / patches to solve this.  Recommendations please?



Thank you, in advance.

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Sometimes it takes awhile to get a reply. Purple means missing texture incorrect folder path  the texture is misplaced or the texture path for them are incorrect in the nif. Are all the panties the same panties? If so use nifskope and double click the nif so it loads up into nifskope.  http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifTools


Once loaded click render then setting and then follower the folder path to your game folder once you hit data click it and hit ok this will render anything that is in your game folder in nifskope unless there is something wrong with the texture path the file is missing or it is using a in game texture that is stored in the BSA.


Now click the panties and look for BSShaderTextureSet below the highlighted line to the left click the arrow to the left of it to get the drop down. Double click the blank area to the right of the purple flower looking thing to bring up the texture folder path. Double click the line then highlight and copy the line and paste it into notebook for easier path checking. Now check that against the folder path and .dds file in your game folder. If it's incorrect in the nif change it then save as to overwrite the nif. You have to check both the _0 nif and _1 nif to make sure they are both the same in both nifs or things will not appear correctly in game. What you do to the _0 nif has to be repeated for the _1 as well or nothing will change in game.


If the paths are correct check and make sure the .dds file is there and isn't missing or misspelled.


Another option but this is only if you don't want the outfits to have panties and that is to load up the _0 click the panties and go to block - remove branch this will delete the panties and anything attached to the panties out of the nif just make sure that when you click the panties that only the panties highlight or it will delete that stuff as well. Load up the _1 nif and repeat.

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They are not a separate file (mod) so far as I'm aware, I'm using the remodeled (for SeveNBase bombshell) armors for Vanilla, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn.

I installed the mods with MO, as instructed. If something is missing, would it not be missing from the parent file?

I tried utilizing the Osare panty mod, but it did not correct the issue.


By the way, thank you for the response. :-)

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