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Revealing male clothes


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I think there was a mod on Nexus that made farmer clothes revealing for males. It was called "farmer wenches" or something like that. The maker of the mod was also the same person that made the first revealing male armor conversion for Tera on Nexus.


Keep in mind the conversions are for Sundracon bodies not SoS so there will be clippings. Also none of the clothes show genitals. It just makes the clothes shorter and shows more chest.

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All of the male clothing items save for the commoner clothes, the type of Jarl uniform that is shared between Jarl Idgrod and several of the male Jarls and Ulfric's clothes in the various revealing armor sets for Schlongs of Skyrim. Here are a few right here.




You can find slightly less revealing variants on the Nexus as well as the ones that let one's characters go the Full Monty. I'll post a few links just to give you an idea of what to seach for. The keywords are Revealing and Exposing.





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