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Best Graphic Mods for Skyrim


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It all depends what you like. Do you want something to just make Skyrim look a bit better, or something to completely change the way Skyrim looks? In the end, it all comes down to personal taste. But like I always do, here is a list of what I use to make Skyrim look much better (note, these are just my personal preferences).


-Static Mesh Improvement Mod. An instant must have to fix all those ugly objects.


-Project Parallax Remastered. Makes everything "pop" (literally).


-Tamriel Reloaded (and all of the addons). This is the major overhaul right here. This covers pretty much everything.


-Alternative Snow. I think, the best looking snow textures. Add on to that, Better Dynamic Snow and No Snow Under The Roof as well for full awesomeness.


-Aspens to Cherry Blossoms. This is just my personal favorite that I enjoy. As well, add Sakura Snow to get the full effect.


-Climates of Tamriel and the Weather Patch. This for obvious reasons, as it overhauls the weather. Some like Pure Weathers, but I prefer CoT more. Add on Supreme Storms and Expanded Snow System for the full awesome effect.


-Expanded Towns and Cities. I can't say enough good things about this mod. It overhauls all the small towns and makes them much much better. I highly recommend this one.


-Dawn of Skyrim Collection. This one overhauls all the bigger cities, and again, can't say enough good things about it. They do a perfect job on them.


-The Noble Family Collection (link is for author's page that has them all in it). Probably need some new fancy houses too to go with all these. These are the best. Though I suggest getting Elianora's version of Breezehome instead. Much nicer.


-Lanterns of Skyrim. Of course, a great mod. Adds lamp posts everywhere. If using CoT, get the CoT preset. Otherwise, try out the different presets to see what you like.


-Realistic Water Two. I feel this is better than Water, but I guess it's all personal preference. If you want fancy colors in your water, also pick up the Watercolor addon.


-Relighting Skyrim. This, in my opinion, is the best lighting mod out there. Combined with Enhanced Lighting for ENB (which was basically designed for Relighting Skyrim), it blows the others out of the park.


-Real Ice. Great ice mod. Not sure what else to say lol. Combine that with Transparent and Refracting Icicles as well to add that extra pop to it.


-Skyrim Flora Overhaul. New trees, bushes, grass, etc etc. Looks great overall.


-Skyrim Radioactive. This is a must have. Makes shops look tons better. As well, grab The Scottish Bannered Mare to top it off. They are just amazing.


-Splash of Rain. Now rain actually hits the ground, instead of going through it. Simple small mod, but makes a huge difference.


-Stunning Statues of Skyrim. Beautiful statue makeovers. They did an amazing job on these.


-Wet and Cold. Just yes. Great mod. Don't forget the Ashes and Holidays addon as well. If you're using this, also don't forget Cloaks of Skyrim and Winter Is Coming - Cloaks. They compliment it really well.


-Book Covers Skyrim. Simply replaces all the book covers. Looks great. Don't forget the Bookshelves Updated SKSE Script as well to fix the bindings.


-Radiant and Unique Potions Poisons HD. This also replaces Booze bottles too. Looks great. I use the glowing version.




I could probably go on and on with different texture mods and such, but that's the basic run down of all the overhauls I use. I also some other HD textures and stuff to clean up the little things, but I won't list all that or we'll be here forever. But hope that helps get you started at least. Like I said, those are my personal preferences to overhaul Skyrim's graphics.


Enjoy. :)

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STEP packs like core, legendary and explorer guide provide lists of textures and cities overhaul including some named by SpyderArachnid. But a 2GB vram gpu is the bare minimum for PC gaming today especially when modding skyrim, so don't go crazy on textures. Only install 2k ones for characters related stuff (skin, armors, weapons, and so on...) and 1k for everything else. I had a 2GB GPU myself before and I can tell you my vram was often full.

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I always find something worthwhile here:  http://www.tesgeneral.com/ 


The graphics and ENB sections are probably what you want to look at.  It kind of depends on how much performance you want though.  I have a 2GB graphics card, and at 1080p with lots of textures and a mildly performance taxing ENB, I get 15-30FPS.  Performance increases if you lower the resolution, but so does the quality of what your looking at.  So its a balance, and only you can truly tell what your pc will handle.  

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 I'm using Relighting Skyrim (Full) and Pure Weather (Realism) along with various other texture upgrades.

 I'm very pleased with the way my game looks and plays.


 I tried a few ENB's and I didn't care for them AT ALL; I want the game to look like I'm seeing the world with

my own eyes, so cinematic effects, DOF etc. are utterly useless with that goal in mind. The ENB's I tried also

screwed up the color balance, making certain colors pop out in a most unnatural way. If you want to make your

game look like a Thomas Kincaid or Boris Vallejo painting for screenshots then I'm sure you would enjoy them.

I would try everything but ENB's first, and see if you can make the game look the way you want it to. Having the

game running at a nice high frame rate, with no stutter or lag, also adds a lot to the sense of realism...



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