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My Havok Ponytail is Wagging!


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I have the XP32 Ponytail 14.28 version (edit 2 by Daie). The package has Azar's Ponytail03-Havok, which looks so stunning and moves so realistically that I started a new playthrough just because of how awesome it looks and moves.


After several days of enjoying my uber-realistic Ponytail03, my hair suddenly just went bonkers for no apparent reason. Even when I'm barely moving, my ponytail wags back and forth in time with my steps like an eager Golden Retriever's tail, and at a run it whips left and right so hard I'm afraid of getting whiplash or something equally dire. Strangely, the Ponytail06 from the BB Hair Physics Project package is stable as a rock and does NOT exhibit any untoward behavior... but it's a lot shorter, and not nearly as pretty, so I really REALLY want to be able to use the Ponytail03.


I cleared out some unused or seldom-used plugins to reduce my mod count, uninstalled various mods including all hair mods, clean-saved, then reinstalled the BB package. Only once did this make Azar's Ponytail 03-Havok go back to normal... the other 3 times I tried it, it did not cure the problem. The only 100% reliable way for me to use this hair mod is to start a new game with it. Sadly, by the time I have escaped Helgen, run to Riverwood, cleared out Bleak Falls Barrow and gone back to Riverwood, and sometimes even sooner than that, it starts wagging again for no apparent reason.


I have cleaned my save with two tools, but that doesn't help. Uninstalling, clean-saving and then reinstalling the hair mod doesn't help. There is just something "stuck" in my game that makes that ponytail wag, and only starting a new game fixes it... for an hour or two.


I discovered tonight (actually, this morning: it's 2:30 AM now), after several days and nights of tearing my hair out and begging for help, that the Empire Coat physics-enabled mod, consisting of four separate packages/files, apparently conflicts with the Azar's Ponytail03-Havok. I uninstalled the Empire Coat mod and my ponytail started working again, i.e. not wagging but moving and flowing gracefully. YAY!


Sadly, it went back to wagging within a couple of hours of gameplay, so I'm just at a loss.


I made a short video of what this hair is doing. If anyone recognizes the behavior, I would appreciate some guidance on how to fix it.






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