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Doesn't seem that anyone is about.

But yeah, cloning things will eventually cause a bloat. According to the description, however, it is restricting itself to work only with persistent npcs. It means that the number of spawned clothing items can be controlled. Once it is cloned there is no going back, but it may be limiting the total number of cloned items up to around 1000 or so, or much less, depending on how it's managing data. (as long as you don't introduce new npcs or new clothings)

So if you think you can afford another 1000 items in your save game, I don't see anything too bad in just trying it after making a backup. Just keep in mind that in case something goes wrong, there is no going back even if you delete the mod. Your only solution afterward would be to use Bash to purge all the clothing-type dynamic objects.

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