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mod idea breast milk everywhere


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1. retexture all water in skyrim its now breast milk, add woman all over by lakes squirting breast milk into oceans.

2. breast milk constant leak down woman body thru cloth

3. can drink breast milk for recover helt instead potion (potion are yuck.)

4. pregnant belly node, explosion breast milk baby

5. can craft wepon make of harden breastmilk

5. use bellynode for weapon, attak enemy wit belly node (very very very hot)

6. brest milk atteck, girl squeeze breas and milk explode in enemy face (sexy)

7. birth attack, baby poop out she vagina hit enemy in face (baby dead, can use as condom for later)

8. many many manyyyy skeevers (very hot.)


now im ask if any of this mod exist now can do it or anyone want try make it come above??

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