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Different female body types


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Is there a body mod that can give the females in the game different types of bodies? Like some would have big boobs or butts, while others have small boobs or butts. Maybe like an NPC with small boobs, but has a big butt for example. I like my NPCs and they do have the jiggle effects on their bodies, but they do all have the same bodies.

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The only way I know how to do this requires extensive modding and is something I did in my own game for myself. I created an "NPC Overhaul Mod" that adds new armors and clothing that was created with bodyslide. I also made corresponding bodies with BS as well. I then made new npc outfits with corresponding armors and a new naked skin armor to be set to each npc specifically. It still doesn't adjust anything when you place a armor mesh ingame on them but it does allow each npc to have vastly different proportions.

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