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[WANTED] Huge ready usable compilation!


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Hi all!


There are exist so much very nice and awesome mods, bodys, weapons, armors and many more!


It is very hard to search and search and.... to get some compatible mods before i spend to much time for searching and not for playing or/and to enjoy the game.


Most of this mods are incompatible to each other modifications, like for bodys or other things.


Why, there are NOT exist a "All inclusive and ready to use compilation"?



Every Weapon and Armor skin can insert to many grades of their abilities.



Can anyone take part of this, to forge all compatible mods "they are needed for the game", in to one download packe as a "MAIN PROJECT"?


All developers and modders can work together with each other at their main projects.


Fixing problems, bugs and more can worked and fixed as a giant community.



It is possible to do a compilation, perhaps as a inofficial addon to get some money for the devs/modders or so? (just a idea for there time of use on theire projects).



Sorry for my good english :)



What do you think about this?


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Because Permissions.


edit: Though I'd totally support a mod pack something similar to this, where all the custom new stuff made for skyrim gets placed into 1 large library and ESM file (where the content is simply linked but not put into the game world), that then subsequent mods could list as a master and do stuff with inside the actual game world.

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What blabba said, and the fact that some things are constantly going through upgrades and some things get left behind due to the mod creators real life or what have you. It'd be a -huge- undertaking that would suck all the fun out of it for the person keeping it all together and what would happen if that person got pulled away from doing it because of something. It'd get lost. The next best thing we have for this is the compilation threads. Sexlab has the Index, then you've got UNP/7base and CBBE variation armor threads (and all their million variants). Then you've got other forums that try to keep some of the other things together for general npc beautification and textures. Some days I'll start looking for something and stumble upon a thing I didn't even know I was missing until I saw it. It's all in how you follow the breadcrumbs.

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