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Script lag what is the correct solution?


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I have really bad script lag and I don't know what to do! When I do some quests it takes forever for events to trigger for example. I was repairing the 3 amulets quest. It took about 15 seconds each to put an amulet down on the table then it took a whole 2 minutes for each ghost to spawn and start attacking attacking me. I really noticed when using any sex mod. When they say yes they walk up to me and stand there for a very very long time until finally it says "use nearby bed" only for me to say yes or no and it takes even longer. But on a new save it works just fine just on my old ones its broken

My issues is idk what the right method to fix this is. I see all this info about using the .ini [Papyrus] fix but a bunch of other info saying its bad don't do it and even more info about how its safe but only few a few settings. I already tried save cleaner and it didn't work and I don't want to break my save or start over is there ANYTHING i can do?

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