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SexLab statistics/diary resets itself?

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I know that but it's kind of pointless for me as I don't remember what those values were.


Are these stats stored in a separate file? Maybe I can create a backup of it in order to avoid this problem the next time.


BTW, player's selected voice had also turned into "random" for some reason. Maybe it's related to stats reset.

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These are all stored in the SKSE co-save, right? I've compared my latest co-save to the first one I got when I started a new game and boy, there are quite a few things are missing in the new one, including things related to creature animations etc. Needless to say the new one is quite smaller in size (22 KB). When I attempted to reset SL animation registry to check if it was okay, Skyrim crashed while on the MCM!  :dodgy:


Seriously, how can things disappear from the co-save file and how can it gets shrunk? Mind you, Skyrim has never crashed in this play-through.


So, if your co-save suddenly gets smaller in size, means you're about to lose some stuff at best, the save may even become unplayable.


Update: Managed to find a save which is a few days old with a 65KB co-save. Nearly two thirds of it is gone apparently.  :dodgy:

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