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How to get anime-esk characters?


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Hi first post, (Reasons) Didn't know we had a non-Adult area. I felt like this would be better asked here rather then the Nexus forums. 


I would love to get my characters really anime like. What mods should I use for results like these pictures below? 


thanks for the help! 



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Part of it is probably playing with RaceMenu/ECE sliders to get Bigger eyes and an overall rounder face, then continue from there with the nose, lips, etc. A good young-looking texture probably helps too (SG Textures should do the trick). Finally, a smaller body like UNP (original or maybe Top Model?), or a custom made one through bodyslide, should help bring out the anime feel out more, though there are probably better people than me to help ya.

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Most people who create anime inspired characters always use ECE. Use SG or fair skin for that porcelain complexion. Small nose, small mouth, big eyes and forehead are the norm, and are pretty easy to accomplish in ECE.  Round face as well; there are head mesh replacers that look pretty good; RENs are the best by far. 

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