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Basic sex animations mod?


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Hi, new member here. I'm looking for a mod that provides sex animations, but which doesn't have many compatibility problems and can be used during a normal playthrough with a load of other mods. I'm not looking to turn the game into a sex mad world, but I do want to have sex with my in-game wife/husband etc. I heard that Animated Prostitution can be made to work with FNIS, but tends to break when you use it with a lot of other mods, which is why I've come here. Does anyone know if there is a mod on here that does what I'm looking for?


I'm fairly competent with mods already, I have about a hundred mods already installed and working well together, so I don't need help in that regard. I'm just looking for something that will let me have sex with people, but not break my game. I can see a lot of tools stickied here, but not a mod that provides the actual basic sex animations.

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You're going to need Sexlab Framework (doesn't do anything by itself, just allows other mods to do their thing similar to SKSE) There should be a guide somewhere on here for installing if you have questions. (and in the framework description is a linked list of mods that use so you can peruse)

and Zaz Animation Pack 

I would suggest Sex Lab Approach, Sex Lab Attraction, nice MCM control of how attractive your PC is, whether their armor should be considered naked. You can ask npcs if they'd like to engage or the npcs may come up to you (and how often can be controlled with the settings). An even simpler (and good tester that you have everything working) is Matchmaker, it's a simple "You, me, now" mod.


There is also Sex Lab Trainers, if your character would like to trade sexual favors for skill training (only get to do it once every day or so, not too game breaking)

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I'd recommend you avoid ZaZ animpack, approach, and matchmaker if you want an immersive playthrough and you still want to be playing Skyrim.

Get the latest SexLab Framework, so mods can work,

Spouses Enhanced - superior to anything I've ever seen made for Skyrim; a bit of romance, married sex, focus directed on pleasing the spouse; it lacks a minigame component as was seen in Oblivion, the outlast the spouse minigame - ,

then consider Defeat - rape if you fail in combat; I prefer to switch off NPC-NPC and follower rape to avoid making civil war a fuckfest, and disable rape stamina and stun triggers, I only keep the health threshold, so fights can progress naturally, and I also disable bestiality and necrophilia - ,

and, finally, Beeing Female - use in conjunction with either Defeat or Spouses Enhanced to give failing in combat a chance of serious long-term problem, or add the final touch to Skyrim married life perfection.

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