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Question About Storing Data for Mods


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I just had a question about storing information on a USB drive.


Modding can take a very long time to set up whenever you play a game. I play Skyrim and Fallout games. After trial and painful error I can do this rather fluently but from a fresh install of a game to get it mod ready can take upwards to a few hours depending on how many mods I intend to use. My question is this:


I noticed that the mod files are stored inside the data folder for the particular game. Could I copy the data folder with all the mods already installed and save it to a flash drive then if I did a fresh install of game place that data folder already altered without having to go through the task of installing those mods again one by one?


This idea came to mind when I picked up a 128 gig flash drive on sale. If it's possible that would be great and will save me hours of tedious installations. If not, well... worth a shot.

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