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Recruiting an animator for a fully functional spear mod


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Hello Everyone :)


I have recently been working on a spear mod for skyrim that will allow both the player, and other NPC's to use spears and javelins with custom animations WITHOUT replacing any existing animations.


Currently I am using some animations from other mods as well as a few I put together myself. Unfortunately I may not be able to use some of the animations from other mods and I'm not very happy with the quality of my animations.


This community has a reputation for producing quality animations so I was hoping that I might be able to find someone that would be interested in helping me with this mod by creating some animations to be used with spears and javelins :) 


Please leave a comment if you are interested in helping, or if you know someone who might be. I'll provide further details then. :)


Unfortunately I can't post links as I only just registered an account, but you can see some videos of the mod on my YouTube channel, Soolie11

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