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How to use Tes5Edit to change item slot (rename armor nodes)?


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Hi, im not sure if anyone have asked this or so but i cant find one, so i create a thread here to ask


Basically, im having a problem where glasses and backpack, wing does not work together when clothes on, i suppose its my slots id problem so i would like to change the slot for them using tes5edit (search a while they said can with script inside it) but i cant find anyway to do so, the bunch of script is confusing and doesnt seems anything to change the slot id


Can anyone here help? thanks

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You can do the CK equivalent part within TES5edit.


Just check under armor addons or armor data tree for the relevant section and change it.


It might be in binary or hexadecimal form though.

i opened it but it dun let me change...it does show slot 56 though, probably need apply script or sth?


would be better to change it on the mesh in nifskope

attachicon.gifbandicam 2014-11-18 21-42-19-101.jpg

then on the armor in creation kit


or if the armor uses niskininstance u only need to change it in ck

i've loaded ck and the esp, changed backpack from 56 to 47+56, do i need to do anything else? how to i save it? @_@

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I'm not quite sure what you're asking for.


Using this template would probably make it easier for us to help you:





Anyway, I think the relevant TES5Edit thing looks like this:



But, at least in Oblivion, the way things worked was this:

  • Certain body slots corresponded to body parts
  • If you equipped an item in a body slot that corresponded to a body part, the body part would be hidden
Thus, two things had to be done to change the body slot of an item:
  • The item had to be flagged to use the right body parts
  • The body parts whose slot the item was supposed to occupy had to be added to the item mesh, so you wouldn't wind up with something like an invisible torso under your bra.
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thanks, im just trying to change the backpack slot id since it doesnt show up the same time with armor (which i doesnt seems anyone having the same problem..)


i tried change to slot 47+ the original slot 56 (found on wiki for wing/backpack) but in game it still same, not showing until i go naked


im not sure about flagged and occupy something >_<


the guy tell to check if the slot was free or not, but idk how to check


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As already mentioned, Armor, ArmorAddon and the corresponding mesh in NifSkope have to use the same Body Slot or else the item just will be invisible ingame. It doesn't matter what Slot you use for what item as long as it isn't already in use - with a few exceptions of course. Absolutely no need for any scripts within Tes5Edit. I attached a picture to show you where you can find the part you have to edit. You have to find the armor first in the .esp in the "Armor" category and look for the part with numbers on the right side as shown below. Then just right-click on "32 - Body" (or whatever the number is) and click on Edit. Unmark the number in use and mark the one, you want to use, done. Now look below for the ArmorAddon (framed in green), look for it in the ArmorAddon category on the left side and do the same again. That's it. Just do the same in NifSkope like shown further above in the thread and everything should work just fine.


Edit: Always backup your files! No matter what you do, make Backups!


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  • 4 months later...

This topic just completely helped me. Thank, DarkMatter, powerofvoid, and Minoumimi for the picture guidance ^_^

i have never changed the slot of an item before and had no idea how to go about it, but your picture guides together were perfect and my jewellery and horns are now happily in new non-conflicting slots!


Sorry if bumping old threads is frowned on, but.. i really wanted to share my appreciation with you all.

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