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Vlindrel Hall Overhaul [Reveal]!


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So here's what I have done so far tell me what you think. SORRY for the late post i was having issues with the site and i also didn't wanna show off anything unless it was high quality ( which is why I'm not releasing this right away ) 

Please understand I'm not trying to be a pain.. I'd just rather ensure quality rather than have people think my mod is trash :P
I'm serious though a release will be very soon since there's not a lot to do aside from cluttering etc.

Best Regards


P.S if the video seems like everything is moving fast.. its recorded and rendered at 60fps and that's why


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With only a video, time oblige, it is not the best way to go.

What would have been intersting :

- Feature list
- Screens of the special areas + special equipments, npc etc.

Then, Reveal ?

Communication = skill, not like you get respons by throwing a rock into water, that said, as modder you have the upper hand on the matter in all case.

Tbs, guess this overhaul will not bring much interest if going that way.

Take care.

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Ok here are just my two cents. Mind you this is the opinion of one artist to another so you are free to think me lame or whatnot.


As someone who was just randomly browsing the forums I came across your topic. What caught my eye was the words 'overhaul' and 'reveal'. Now even though I have played a lot of skyrim, over 1500+ hours at this point I am actually unfamiliar with Vlindrel Hall. Heck I don't even know if this is a vanilla location or another mod. So as someone who has no experience with the subject of your mod here is what I would recommend. It sounds like you put a lot of work into this and having watched your video and seen what you put focus on you definitely DID do quite an overhaul. As s.eden pointed out a feature list and some screenshots would be really nice. Heck you could make them GIF pics that cycle between vanilla and your mod version. Videos are nice but you really want to make them as cinematic as you can considering you are essentially trying to convince us, the gamers, to use your mod. I would mess around with perhaps using an xbox 360 controller for the video as it is better for fluid movement or you could toggle free camera and set the camera movement speed (sucsm, i think) to something like 1 or 2 so the movement is nice a slow. The point I am trying to get at is that most people who have no experience or even a little experience with what your mod is touching upon will only have a certain amount of focus time before they are like, "I don't have a clue what this guy is doing." or "this mod looks like it is too much effort". So lets say that most people's attention span is around 2-3 minutes then in those 2-3 minutes you want to present as much information as you possibly can to get us to download and play the living crap out of your mod. The mods that I have seen around here or on the Nexus that best do this are ones with lots of pictures and well thought out and detailed features lists. Heck even having a list of things that you plan to update with the mod could be great as it shows the community that you intend to invest even more time into the mod or/and you may be willing to hear what the community would like to see in your mod and hopefully you would be gracious enough to include. Videos are the icing on the cake as it were. I always look at videos last because in my mind the in-game video is summarizing and showing me all the features, details and screenshots that you have already shown me but in an epic cinematic experience. 


Sooooo, long artist rant aside, as one artist to another, when you DO do your reveal I would like to play it as this looks like a pretty cool mod from what you have shown so far. 

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