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Could someone lend me a hand navmeshing this orphanage expansion?


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I've made a really basic expansion for the Honorhall Orphanage, but I'm having trouble nav-meshing it. I keep finalizing the nav-mesh and save the ESP, but when I look at it in TES5Edit I can see that a large portion of the nav-mesh changes made by Hearthfire is deleted from the cell. They don't get deleted if I don't finalize the nav-mesh, but then followers entering the orphanage disappear.


Here's the ESP, I'd appreciate if someone could have a look. It may still contain the nav-mesh I've added (which looks pretty good to me) so you may have to delete it.




PS. Hearthfire is required.

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OK. There appears to be a basement or cellar. I presume that is the expansion of the orphanage.


-There appears to be no Navmesh in the basement.


-I can't "target" any objects in the basement to be able to navigate the interior to look more closely.


-There is a teal Navmesh triangle. I'm not sure what that means; it has been a long time since I messed with Navmesh.


Here are a couple of pics of what I have found.






I'm not sure what I can do beyond this, but it does appear that there isn't any Navmesh in the basement.

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I must have deleted it in TES5Edit in order to redo it. Doesn't matter though, the important thing here re-finalizing the vanilla nav-mesh without affecting the HF changes. Just add one triangle and re-finalize it. Let's see if you'll be able to make it.


The green ones are entry points if I'm not mistaken.


BTW, I haven't touched the nav-mesh on the upper floor. I want to connect the basement nav-mesh to the one on the upper floor so that the kids can use the beds and chairs downstairs.


The upper floor is a mess actually. It seems to me that after Grelod dies some additional beds are added in her room later on for kids who may become orphaned. Never had the opportunity to check that though.

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I think I've managed to make it, well, at least this time nothing seems to have been deleted.


The package below contains two ESPs both fully nav-meshed, one of them is finalized, as stated in the file name.




I'd appreciate if someone could check them out, you can load them both in TES5Edit and check their differences, meanwhile I'll be play-testing the finalized one.


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